Routin 1883 Syrups

Routin 1883 all natural syrups, from the heart of the French Alps, use no artificial flavorings or preservatives. A choice of forty fructose sweetened coffee and fruit syrups, including six sugar-free flavors and Chai concentrate, are available. Routin one liter bottles are attractive, hold one third more syrup, and are significantly more concentrated than other brands, which means less syrup is needed to produce better taste with lower serving costs.


The Lavazza brand is embedded in Italian history with over 100 years of experience in roasting coffee. Lavazza is dedicated to sourcing the finest origin green coffee beans from producing nations. Special optic scanners are used to scan the beans before selecting them for roasting. The roasted beans are then blended to bring out individual flavors, resulting in a smooth well rounded taste. Each kilo of coffee is gas washed and sealed in protective foil bags with a one way valve to keep the product oxygen free, which allows Lavazza to consistently deliver high quality products the world over.

Mighty Leaf Teas

Mighty Leaf Teas feature a sachet like clear silk mesh bag filled with the world’s finest teas. Unlike ordinary tea bags, which are filled with powder, Mighty Leaf blends contain whole leaf teas, herbs, and fruits of exceptional quality. The silken tea pouch’s size allows for full flavor expansion of the tea and the mesh’s open weave allows hot water to surround the leaves while they steep. Mighty Leaf Tea pouches are available in black, green, and herbal varieties, each individually sealed in attractive foil packets to ensure freshness and a long shelf life.

Grande Italia

A delicate union of bean selection, age-old methods, and today's technology bring to the table both intense flavors and uncommon consistency in Grande Italia espresso coffee. Smooth, flavorful, has every hint of skill and passion that makes the blend an Italian classic. The beans are packaged in a triple-layered foil bag with a one-way degassing valve to lock in freshness.


Strong, rich, robust chocolate flavored syrup, to make a caffe mocha or hot chocolate with no mess or preparation, is available from the Guittard Chocolate Company. Caramel syrup, made from brown sugar, fresh butter, and real vanilla, and white satin syrup, rich in cocoa butter, are also available for specialty coffee beverages. These products are packaged in attractive 95 fluid ounce plastic containers for easy pump dispensing.


Cappuccine specialty frozen beverage mixes are an integral part of any successful coffeehouse operation. With award-winning flavors and innovative packaging, they make it easy to build a successful specialty frozen beverage program.