Purchasing an espresso machine can feel overwhelming. You probably would like to get something nice but also have to be conscious of your budget. No matter what machine you end up purchasing, our hope is that you end up purchasing the machine that is right for you and the future of your cafe or shop.


At first thought many think only of what can they can initially afford rather than what they might actually need. These two things are not necessarily equivocal either. For instance, each price point allows for a set capacity of drinks to be made with a certain level of features for improved efficiency and customizability. Generally speaking as prices increase, the overall efficiency and customizability features follow. While more expensive machines may initially seem out of reach, you will find that as your overall efficiency increases, you will be able to sell more drinks at a faster speed thus reducing the payback period for both your machine and grinder.


We’ve created this calculator below to do just that. Simply determine the number drinks you expect to sell each day, how many days per week you expect to be open, your average profit per drink, and how much you are looking to spend on a new espresso package to see just how quick you can pay off everything!