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Faema E71E Vivaio

Faema E71E Vivaio


  • 7L Boiler with additional 600cc independent coffee boilers for each grouphead
  • Features the ability to flow profile according to the coffee blend and or desired beverage
  • Similar to the standard Faema E71E but comes customized in white with wood finishing



The FAEMA E71E is a very powerful and capable professional espresso machine that is able to hold its own against any other machine available on the market today. It has many customizable options including the color, rear panel, group heads, steam taps, and handles. Sporting two cold touch steam wands that have been increased in length, the E71E allows baristas to work with larger milk jugs easier and more securely than their standard counterparts. Additionally, the independent groups of the E71E can manage different coffee varieties, respecting the specific temperatures of each one for optimal extraction. If you are searching for a machine that performs just as good as it looks, this is a machine worth considering.


  • Adjustable Pressure Setting

Pump pressure with external adjustment on the side of the machine for quick and independent manual calibration by the barista. It can be customized according to the type of coffee used.

  • New Steam Wands

For the E71E, long, articulated cold-touch steam wands have been designed to improve the machine’s ergonomics and simplify the barista’s work.

  • Hot Water Wand

The telescopic hot water wand guarantees greater flexibility of use. Additionally, the water supply system for infusions and tea can be customized and can have up to 3 temperature settings and 2 for dosing.

  • Patented Faema GTi Heating System

The E71E features a hydraulic circuit with a GTi system that guarantees perfect control of infusion times.

  • New Spray Heads

The E71E is fitted with demountable Competition Faema spray heads, which are attached with screws to make them easier to remove and to improve daily cleaning operations.

  • Control Panel

Electromechanical push-button panel with 3 backlit buttons positioned on an inclined plane for intuitive, immediate, and ergonomic interaction with the machine. The OLED displays show the group temperature as well as the infusion and dispensing times.

  • Range Steam Lever

The steam lever with manual and modular management features a purge system and gradual opening, offering baristas two locking steps: 50% and 100%.

Included With Machine

  • 1 single spouted portafilter with insert basket
  • 2 double spouted portafilters with insert basket (3 for 3 group)
  • Braided water line


Manufacturer Faema
Height 19 inches
Width 31.26-(2 group), 40.71 inches-(3 group)
Depth 24.37 inches
Product Weight 170lbs-(2 group), 210lbs-(3 group)
Shipping Weight 183lbs-(2 group), 223lbs-(3 group)
Watts 5300-7000W-(2 group), 6500-8500W-(3 group)
Volts 220V
Boiler Volume 7L Main Boiler with an additional 600cc Boiler For Each Group Head (2 for 2 group/3 for 3 group)
Color White
Programmability Programmable Dosing, Pre-Infusion, and Flow-Profiling
Portafilter Size 58.5mm
Steam Wands 2
Hot Water Wands 1
Hot Water Selections 3
Graphic Display Yes
Connectivity Options USB & Bluetooth comes standard and WiFi is available as an added option
Optional Accessories/Available Options WiFi