La Cimbali M1


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The M1 Turbo Steam 1 Group Automatic is the perfect machine for the business owner who perhaps does not specialize in coffee making and/or without a large amount of dedicated space or a highly trained barista but is interested in offering customers a premium coffee beverage. Built by La Cimbali, an established coffee machine manufacturer recognized for being the largest in the industry, the M1 Turbo Steam is a high-performance machine and is capable for making up to 150 cups of coffee per day. Integrated with many state-of-the-art features including compact design, patented Smart Boiler technology, patented hands-free Turbo steam for frothing and 8 different beverage making options, this machine delivers superior coffee with minimal effort.

Grinding, tamping, dosing, steaming, all of these functions are taken care of by the machine making it literally effortless to produce a world-class brew. La Cimbali has even made cleaning the unit a breeze as the M1 is pre-programmed to automatically rinse and clean without user intervention required.

La Cimbali has included their innovative Smart Boiler technology. The boiler capacity is 2.5 liters, but with the Smart Boiler system, steam and hot water capacity is amplified (+30%), this assists in improving capacity and reducing the production dips that can occur in busy times.

Equipped with a Turbo-Steam wand, the M1 is capable of sensing the temperature of the milk being frothed and delivering steam and air at the same time to achieve hands-free operation. The M1 will automatically stop the delivery when the perfect temperature has been attained, resulting in creamy, delicious froth each and every time.


1 Group
Superautomatic operation
Single boiler (2.5 liter) with Smart Boiler technology
1 Stainless steel swivel steam arm with Turbo Steam technology
1 Stainless steel swivel hot water spout
30 Amps/240 Volts
Stainless steel


Boilers: 1
Boiler capacity: 2.5 liters
Grinder-doser: 2
Bean hoppers: 2
Steam wand: 1
Hot water spout: 1
Bean hopper capacity: 2.6 pounds (2 x 1.3 pounds) (total 1.2 kg)
Width: 13.8 inches (350 mm)
Depth: 24.4 inches (620 mm)
Height: 32.5 inches (760 mm)
Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)
Power at 208-240V~60Hz (W) 2600-3600
Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)