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CALL (336) 669-2460 FOR SALES & SERVICE

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La Cimbali S30

La Cimbali S30


  • 10.4” touch screen
  • Up to 96 drink selections configurable on screen or by compatible app
  • Automatically managed daily washing cycles
  • Dual 1/1.2 kg bean hoppers (built-in soluble chocolate system available on CS10)



The S30 from La Cimbali is a fully automatic espresso machine known for its flexibility and high performance capabilities. It has a 10.4” touch screen, can be configured with a milk line, and even have an optional soluble chocolate powder system for ease of use.

Configurable for up to 96 possible customized recipes and guaranteed to last up to 300 cups a day, it is ideal for large cafes, office spaces, bakeries, hotels, as well as any other type of self-service environment.

One thing that is neat about this machine is how it can be set up for self-service environments as those described above. Through the machine and app, each drink can be configured with a specific price to make these self-service environments viable. It is possible to even create a hands free QR code that can be scanned by your phone to pay for each drink. Additionally, the 10.4″ touchscreen display enhances this experience by providing different ways of viewing the drinks selection such as customizable images on the machine display itself (screen savers, during beverage delivery) and films/sounds to help the customer better chose their drink.

For added control, you can communicate with the S30 remotely via the CUP4YOU app. This uses the machine’s integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi allowing for quick and easy software upgrades as well as recipe adjustments and personalized interface images.


• Remotely communicate with the S30 via the integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi system, which makes updating software, setting recipes and customizing background images simple.

• Daily washing cycles are automatically managed by the AWS system.

• Dual 1/1.2 kg bean hopper [built-in soluble chocolate system available with CS10 package]

The S30 is equipped with new grinders designed to get the most from coffee beans. The Titanium grinders, which are made of K110 steel with a PVD coating, are very robust and designed to last for a long time.

• S30 is fitted with a boiler with a heat exchanger that enables a high-performance supply of hot water and steam. The boiler is equipped with a patented Smart Boiler function that optimizes water and steam performance.

• Cappuccino System for one-step cappuccino and latte simply touching the desired selection, equipped with the exclusive Milk Precision System (MilkPS) and with a special function which allows frothing milk without heating it; milk stays cold.

Included With Machine

  • Braided water line


Manufacturer La Cimbali
Height 30 inches
Width 14.6 inches
Depth 24.4 inches
Product Weight 175lbs
Shipping Weight 188lbs
Watts 4800-5700W
Volts 220V
Boiler Volume 1-1.25L Steam Boiler and 1-700cc Boiler For Espresso
Color Black with Stainless Steel
Programmability Vast Drink Customization Options Available & More Through App
Steam Wands Cold Touch Turbosteam Milk 4 Steam Wand (S10 only), Automatic Steam Wand (all other models)
Hot Water Wands 1
Hot Water Selections 2
Graphic Display 10.4″ touch screen
Connectivity Options USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi
Optional Accessories/Available Options Cold Touch Turbosteam Milk4 Steam Wand (S10), The Ability To Connect A Milk Line (CP10), Milk Line + Chocolate Powder (CS10)